Hosted IP PBX Telephone Solutions

Whether you’re a sole trader, small business or large business, we offer a range a Business VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services that are feature rich and could save you money compared to traditional phone companies.

Single User Plan

Perfect for sole traders, startups, entrepreneurs and small business that require 1 to 4 lines.

What’s Included?

  • 1 UK Based Geographic (01 or 02 in an area of your choice*) or Non Geographic (0844,0845,0870) to receive calls on.
  • Calls can be forwarded to another phone**
  • Calls can be answered on your computer using a Soft Phone, or we can help you buy and/or set up a VOIP Phone. Two VOIP phones can connect to our system for each number you purchase.
  • Message Greeting – You can play a short message to let customers know they’ve called the right number and you’ll answer their call soon.
  • 2 Voicemail Boxes with Voicemail to Email
  • Call routing based on time of day – so you can let your customers know that you’re closed and what time you’ll be back.
  • Music On Hold
  • Music Whilst Ringing
  • Caller ID
  • 3 Hunt Groups – Let your number find you. Ring your VOIP Phone, your mobile, home phone etc. All phones ring simultaneously and the call is connected to the first one you answer!**

Outbound Calls Charges

Pay as you go

UK Landlines  1.22 pence/minute
UK Mobiles          10 pence/minute
UK 0844                  6 pence/minute
UK 0870                  9 pence/minute
UK 0845                 4 pence/minute
UK 0871                11 pence/minute

Monthly Call Plans

  1. 1000 UK Geographic (01,02) Landlines minutes for £7.99/month
  2. 2500 UK Landline Minutes (01,02,0870 included) and 50 Mobile Minutes (02,T Mobile, Three, Orange, Vodafone and 0844, 0845, 0871) for £29.99/month (plus £25 one time setup fee)
Numbers on this plan are available at only £3.50 per month! You are welcome to add as many numbers to your plan as you need.

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Multi User Plan

All of the features as above but better pricing!

For a team of 5

Can connect 5 VOIP Phones

10 Voicemail Boxes with Voicemail to email

5 Hunt Groups

This plan is available for just £5.99 per month! (Cheaper than buying two numbers, unless you really need them).

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Got a larger team?

No problem!  Talk to us today to discuss your needs.



Auto Attendant Menus – £5/month

To give that more professional sound and make sure customer calls get to the right person as quickly as possible use the auto attendant system (Press one for sales, two for billing).

You may record the prompts yourself or we can arrange to have them professionally recorded for you (additional charges apply for professional recordings).

Call Recording – £4/month

Need to keep track of what was said, when it was said and by whom? Or want to ensure your staff are maintaining a high level of professionalism on the phone? You can have all your calls recorded, or just certain lines and extensions. Each recording can be sent to an email address of your choice as soon as the call ends.

The Fine Print

*You may indicate the area of your choice, we do not guarantee wil are able to provide a number. We will do our best to meet your needs or offer a refund.

**Forwarded calls are billed at our standard rate, or use minutes from a call plan if you have one.

All calls are charged on a per minute basis.

Our business telephone offering is designed to give you all the benefits of a big office phone system at a fraction of the cost of a standard landline from traditional phone providers.

We have done our best to design a phone plan we would buy and use…and we do use it ourselves! We are constantly learning and improving the system for your benefit. If you have feedback or special requirements, let’s talk. Together we can achieve our business goals.

Our phone system grows with you, so get started with our smallest plan and upgrade as and when you need.

You can use our service to connect up multiple office and present a single phone number to your customer, routing calls to your team as required.


Included minutes
Keep your existing numbers
1 number per user. 0330 or geographic
Voicemail box for each user
Free internal calls between users and offices
Voicemail to email
Auto receptionist (greeting)
Call recording ( extra)
Call divert / follow me
Disaster recovery (failover to mobile)
Access via phone or mobile app
Low prices to other destinations
Conference line