RX Host is a highly motivated team of web design and mobile application (app) specialists located in the multicultural hub that is London, UK. We believe in clean, effecient websites and apps, that help you get your message across.

Founded in 2006 as a hosting company, with a web design background, we’re still rather young. However, our small team has accumulated over 15 years of experience, doing what we do best.
Our company operates on a few simple, yet effective, directives:

1) How can we make you happy?

2) Do more than expected, and do it with a smile.

3) Learn something new everyday.

4) The 3 Hs – Humble, Honest, Hardworking.

5) Leave things better than you found them.

We use our size to our advantage and aim to give each client the attention they (and their project) deserve, in order to create long lasting relationships. We find a mutual understanding helps projects move along smoothly and results in an end product we can all be proud of.

When starting a project, we’ll make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. Our passion for what we do enables us to give you 110% and consistently provide the high level of service and quality work that we pride ourselves on.

Why Choose RX Host

There are a lot of other companies out there that will offer you similar services. So why should you choose us instead?

We’re CRAZY…about customer support.

We understand how frustrating it can be when things don’t go quite to plan, or you just don’t know where to start. Having been customers of companies that offer little or no support in the past, we decided we could do a lot better, that’s why we’ve made outstanding customer service a priority within our business. At the end of the day, if you’re happy, then we are.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand the internet can be a scary place at times, that’s why we take the risk out of placing an order with our no questions asked money back guarantee, should you feel unhappy with your hosting package for whatever reason up until 30 days after the purchase date.

We don’t oversell

Some hosting providers promise unlimited bandwidth and diskspace, in an attempt to fill their servers with as many accounts as possible. This puts a real strain on server resources and may result in downtime. You’ll often find they have a fair usage policy about how much you can “really” use. They assume that each client will only use an average amount of the resources available. This lets them charge low prices, but also means they have to sell more plans per server in order to make their profit.

We don’t oversell plans on our servers at all. We clearly state how much of each resource you’re going to get, enabling us to ensure that our servers are always performing to the highest standard and keeping your website online.

We’re affordable

For less than 10 pence a day you can have a highly reliable hosting solution for your personal website or business website, with a plethora of additional extras at no additional cost!
When it comes to web hosting, there’s usually a trade-off between quality and price. Whilst many hosts may offer cheap plans, some often charge inflated costs after the first year and you probably won’t receive the outstanding level of customer service that you would if you were a RX Host customer.

We know the business

Unlike other companies we don’t just host, or just design. Our team has extensive knowledge on everything from hosting, domain names, wordpress, durpal, zen cart, ruby on rails, to search engine optimisation and email and social media marketing.

Not only can we help you get your website online, we can advise you with marketing your site on social networks and much, much more. Talk to us to discuss your needs. We’re always happy to hear from you.

No hidden charges for leaving

It’s a sad day when a client wants to leave, but we all have our reasons. Other companies may try and squeeze a couple last pennies out of you before they’re ready to let you leave.

If you have hosting with us and want to move to another company, we will put your request through without delay and without charge.

Automatic Backups

We automatically back up your website and can restore your site for you, should anything go wrong, free of charge, of course.

We don’t speak techno-jargon

Just like you, we speak in plain English, although we have been known to use the odd word in French or Spanish too!
We like to see our customers learn a lot (if they want to) as they embark on their online journeys. If we’re designing a site for you, consulting, or providing hosting support, we’ll always make sure you understand exactly what we’re talking about.

Our Process

When it comes to designing and implementing online solutions for our clients, we follow our four step process to ensure they get the best results possible.


This is where we take your vision, carefully map out your goals and analyse the different ways of achieving the best end result.

That done, we then begin to put into place the foundation of your site through a process called wireframing. Wireframing allows us to “see” what goes where and what the initial layout of your site will be like, laying the groundwork for a successful project and eliminating miscommunication early on.


After the planning stage is complete and the basic foundations are in place, we move on to create the design for your site.

Using our wireframes from the planning stage, we create a design that is best suited to acheiving your goals, whilst also being visually pleasing and relevant to your target audience.


With the foundations in place and the cosmetic look and feel of the site ready, we can now move on to the real magic.

We convert what was once a simple graphic representation of your future website into web standards compliant code that will make sure your site displays beautifully in most modern browsers. After this stage is complete we often integrate your design with a content management system, e-commerce system, or a custom built web application.

Marketing, Management and Analysis

Now, your brand new site is online, what next? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you stranded! We’ll help you implement a range of tools that will help monitor how people are using your site and how often. We’ll be able to tell how they found you, what they liked, what they didn’t and then use this information to optimise your site further.

We can also look into social media and other search engine optimisation strategies to get more quality traffic to your site.

The RX Host Team

Chirag Desai


Chirag is the owner of RX Host and has 7 years experience in building and designing websites. He is responsible for liaising with clients and making sure they get their project, on time and on budget.

He also likes to get his hands dirty and is actively involved in front-end design and web development. While not involved in the day to day running of RX Host, you might find him DJing or at the gym.

Chirag loves talking to clients and is always available to discuss projects (even on weekends!).

Dharmesh Patel

Lead Designer

Dharmesh has been designing websites, myspace layouts, business cards, logos and other digital graphics for around 6 years. He is talented with a range of software including Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and combines his unique design skills with client’s goals in order to create visually stunning, yet functional websites.

Dharmesh loves a challenge and always delivers more than expected.

Miral Desai

Head of Mobile Development and Strategy

Miral leads our mobile strategy and development for our Clients. He is hands on throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from intial discussions through to delivery of the final Application. His journey with Android began at University and since then he has 2 years of Android experience under his belt. Miral is a passionate developer. He delivers outstanding results and always aims to go above and beyond. He is always on hand to interact with our clients and ensure the software we deliver will help them meet their goals.