Business Telephone Services

We provide internet based telephone services for entrepreneurs and businesses.

To benefit, you don’t need anything special, just a regular phone.

You can also use your laptop, phone or an IP phone to use our services.

How it Works: Hosted Telephone System

1. Pick a number for your business or port your existing number to us
2. Record a custom greeting to play to callers, or just play ‘ringing’.
3. Add employees and departments.
4. Receive calls on your mobile, laptop, or IP Phone.




Custom menu played to your callers. “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support”

Create extensions and forward your calls to mobiles or extension numbers.

Get a Local, International or Freephone Number

Find the perfect number or, bring your existing number to us.

Show your RX Host Caller ID

Make calls using your laptop, RX Host mobile app, or IP Phone and your customers will see your RX Host number as the Caller ID.

No expensive hardware to buy, manage or install

The RX Host phone system can work using your existing technology. Have a mobile or landline? Great, we can forward calls from your new business number to your existing phones. Call forwarding rates apply.

If you want to invest a little over time, you can buy IP Phones for your desk, or use our mobile app to receive calls without the forwarding costs.

Call screening

If you’re forwarding calls to existing phones, wouldn’t it be nice to know it’s a business call? We can play you a message and tell you who the caller is as soon as you pick up the phone. You then have an option to pick up the call, or send it to voicemail.

Voicemail, anywhere, any device

Voicemail is no longer locked inside your phone. As soon as someone leaves a message we email it to you as an attachment. You can then listen to your voicemail whenever you like. Of course, if you prefer the old way, you can still call your voicemail and listen to your messages too!

Conference Calls

Ever needed to co-ordinate between multiple team members or a supplier and a customer? Now you can, without juggling the phones. We give you access to your own conference room, that you and your customers can dial into. Each conference room is pin-protected, so you won’t have any unwanted guests.

Music On Hold

Now that you can transfer calls, we’ll let you select the music or promotional material you’d like your customers to hear while they are waiting.

Cheap call rates

By selecting the best carriers to work with, we can route your calls globally for a fraction of the cost.


Frequently asked questions

How does the 30-day free trial work?

Sign up now for a RX Host Business Line trial account and enjoy 30 days of using 2 free UK temporary test phone numbers, 2 user accounts, 60 free UK landline minutes, 10 free standard UK mobile minutes and all the business features described above. We don’t take any payment, or even ask for your credit card. If you decide that you don’t want to continue using our service after the trial period you don’t have to do anything: your trial will end automatically and no monthly fees will be applied. If you’d like to keep using our service just upgrade to any of our standard plans and you’ll be ready to go!

Do I need a credit card?

No. You can start making calls right away. Sign up now and receive 60 free minutes for UK landline calls and 10 minutes for standard UK mobile calls within the first month of service. If you need more minutes or users, you’ll need to upgrade to one of our plans, at which point we will ask you for your credit card.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Only if you want to take advantage of our lower prices. RX Host Business Line is a pay monthly service. You’re welcome to pay month to month for each user with no contracts or long commitments. If you cancel your service you will be billed for the current month you are in and you service will stop at the next renewal date.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes, of course! Simply log in to the client area and choose upgrade. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time with no additional setup or admin charges. We will charge you for the days left until your monthly when upgrading to a larger plan. Please note that all lines must be on the same plan and will therefore all be upgraded together.

Are there any hidden charges?

Nope! On all of our plans you will only pay for the calls you make above the included minute allowance. Local UK landline calls are just 1.2p/min and standard UK mobile calls are just 6p/min.

Are minutes per user or shared?

The minutes are shared between all of your users. We allocate a set number of minutes per user plan. So if you buy our growth plan you’ll get 1000 minutes per user. If you buy for 3 users you’ll get 3000 minutes. These minutes can be used by any of the 3 users.

How many phone numbers do I get?

You will receive 1 phone number per user. This can be an existing number that you transfer to us or a new 01, 02 or 03 number we provide for you.

You can add as many phone numbers as you require. We also have access to sequential or memorable numbers.

UK numbers are available from £3/month. Memorable UK numbers are available from £50 set up (£3 monthly fee applies also).

Please note: For the 30-day trial you will receive 2 free temporary UK test numbers allowing you to start receiving calls right away. These numbers will only work for the duration of the 30-day trial. You can, however, buy permanent numbers at any time.

Can I keep my existing numbers?

Usually we are able to move your existing numbers over to RX Host. In some cases your current telephone provider may not have a porting agreement with us, in which case we will not be able to port your numbers.

Do I need to buy any hardware?

Not necessarily. If you already have SIP capable VoIP phones you will not need to buy anything. If you have regular phones you may need to buy an adaptor. If you don’t have either, you can get up and running today with softphone applications on your computers and smartphones.

What happens if my internet stops working?

Our hosted system allows for redundancy no matter what the situation. If you have a loss of power or Internet at your business we can divert calls to your mobile phones or you can use our app to make and receive calls as long as you have a mobile data connection. This allows us to offer you disaster recovery without any additional costs.

Please note that call forwarding minutes are taken from your allowance or charged at our normal rates if you do not have any allowance available.

I need a plan with more than 100 users!

It’s easy to grow with the RX Host service. If you’re already big we can also help. For larger customers please request a call back or give us a call so we can help you find the right solutions.

Any questions? Request a callback.

We’re standing by to understand your business and help you make the right decision for you. We’ll show you how you can save more then 30% on your current phone system costs. On top of that you’ll also get access to great call rates, and a suite of business features to help you streamline processes and grow your business.

We will aim to call you Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 7pm. All of your data remains private and will never be sold or passed on to third parties.

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