Special Offer: Renew your .UK domain in April and get 3 years for just the price of 2.

.UK domain 3 year renewal for £9.99 (1 year free)

We're proud to announce that for the month of April 2018 we will be giving you 1 year free when you renew your .uk domain name for 3 years or more.

Whether you run a blog, business website, a personal email service or anything else online, you'll most likely have one or more domain names. The cost of renewing your domains is more or less constant, although we have noticed a trend of increasing prices amongst our competitors. Here at RX Host, we're always focused on making our customers happy and to that end we're launching a special offer for any of our customers who renew their .uk domain with us in the month of April. If you have a .uk domain name with another provider, talk to us about transferring so you can take advantage of this offer.

Here are how our pricing changes for .uk domain name renewals for the month of April whilst the promotion is running:

?Renewal Period Renewal Price (April 2018)
1 year £6.99 (no discount)
2 years £9.99 (no discount)
3 years £14.99 £9.99
4 years £19.99 £14.99
5 years £24.99 £19.99
6 years £29.99 £24.99
7 years £34.99 £29.99
8 years £39.99 £34.99
9 years £44.99 £39.99
10 years £49.99 £44.99

As more and more of our lives move to the web it is unlikely that domain name prices are going to get cheaper in the years to come. For our personal domain names we've already registered them for 10 years in order to lock in prices today rather than paying slow and constant price rises that may be introduced in the years to come. So why not renew your domain today for 3 years or more and get a year for free in the process?

How do I claim my free year when renewing my .uk domain?

In order to make sure you get your free year, just use the UKBONUSYEAR promotion code at checkout. Please make sure you are renewing your .uk domain name for 3 years or more. If you have any trouble, just checkout and email us. If you've overpaid for any reason we'll refund you the difference.

Do I have to be an RX Host customer to claim the offer?

Yes, you do. If you're not yet a customer, you can transfer your existing .uk domains to us at no charge and take advantage of this offer when renewing your .uk domain for 3 years or more. To transfer your domain to us you'll need to place an order for a domain transfer and then contact your existing provider to ask them to change the TAG on your domain to RXHOST. By the way, for the transfer of a UK domain name you won't need an authorisation code. Our system will generate an invoice for £6.99, but don't pay it and we'll cancel it as soon as it comes through on our end. If you need any help just contact us.

If you're already an RX Host customer, just log in to your RX Host account and place an order to renew your .uk domains.

How do your prices compare to other Domain Registration companies?

We're glad you asked! A lot of our competitors offer a special offer where you can register a domain for as little as 1 penny for the first year. What's not always clear is that you'll have to register for a minimum of 2 years in most cases and on top of that, the renewal prices are generally higher. They're relying on being able to tempt you in with a cheap offer and making their money back in the years that follow. Let's take a look at how our renewal prices stack up against some of the other domain registration companies that offer the same service.

Renewal Period RX Host 123 Reg Go Daddy
1 year £6.99 £9.99 + 20% VAT £9.99 + 20% VAT £8.39
2 years £9.99 £19.98 + 20% VAT £19.98 + 20% VAT £16.78
3 years £14.99 £9.99 £29.97+ 20% VAT £29.97+ 20% VAT £25.16
4 years £19.99 £14.99 £39.96 + 20% VAT £39.96 + 20% VAT £33.55
5 years £24.99 £19.99 £49.95 + 20% VAT £49.95 + 20% VAT
6 years £29.99 £24.99 £59.94 + 20% VAT £59.94 + 20% VAT £50.33
7 years £34.99 £29.99 £69.93 + 20% VAT £69.93 + 20% VAT
8 years £39.99 £34.99 £79.92 + 20% VAT £79.92 + 20% VAT £67.10
9 years £44.99 £39.99 £89.91 + 20% VAT £89.91 + 20% VAT
10 years £49.99 £44.99 £99.90+ 20% VAT £99.90+ 20% VAT £83.88

Now you know all the details about our April promotion and how our prices stack up against the competition, make sure you take action today and renew your .uk domain name with us before it's too late. If you need any help, we're always here to help just contact us.

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