WordPress Website Transfer Service

WordPress is ever growing in popularity as a the content management system of choice for business that want an affordable, easy to use website.

Whether you started off using to freely host your WordPress blog or site, or whether you used a hosting company, you may find you simply want more. More flexibility to add new themes, install new plugins or just tweak some of WordPress’ finer settings.

This is where we come in.

Whether you’re on and want a self hosted WordPress or whether you already have some WordPress Hosting and want to move to another provider, we can take care of the entire transfer process for you within 48 hours (but usually sooner!)

We offer our WordPress transfer service for just £50. Click here to order now.

WordPress Transfer for Free

You can of course follow our step by step tutorial to transfer your WordPress yourself for free.

The other option is to move your blog to us and take advantage of our reliable UK Web Hosting for WordPress and Super Support! By ordering a plan with us we’ll move one WordPress blog or site for you completely free!

We always recommend starting out with the smallest plan we offer and saving yourself money. You can always upgrade at any time without any penalties, you only pay the difference for the remaining them left of the month or year (depending on your billing frequency).