WordPress and XML RPC – Settings

To use WordPress when you’re not at your desk, you’ll probably want to use the WordPress App on your smartphone. To make sure you’re able to log in and manage your WordPress site from your mobile device, you need to make sure XML RPC is enabled.

How to enable XML RPC on WordPress

To turn on XML RPC, you need to:

1 – Log in to your WordPress Dashboard

2 – Select settings from the menu on the left

3 – Select “Writing” (it’s an option in the Settings menu).

4 – Under the heading “Remote Publishing” check the box that says “Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols.”

4 – That’s it!

4b – Well, you may be asked for a link to XML RPC on your wordpress. This usually means you just add xmlrpc.php to the end of your WordPress url.

For example, if your WordPress is located at, you’d want to link to

Et voila! Job done!

If the text doesn’t make sense, here’s a video:


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