3 Reasons why your business needs a facebook page

You have a facebook account, and maybe even a twitter account, right? So why doesn’t your business have them too?

If you’re going to succeed online, you need two things.

First, you need your customers to find you. Second, you need to interact with them.

Make the most of high traffic social networks to get yourself some eyeballs.

So how do you get started? I’m glad you asked. Get yourself a Facebook page. If you don’t know how, leave a comment below.

What are the benefits of a Facebook page? Let’s take a look.

Improve your search engine rankings

Your page will start ranking in search engines when people search for your business.

I recommend getting a username for your page too. Here’s why.

For example say you run Bob’s Pencil Shop and you get a facebook page the address to your page would something like:

Take a quick trip over to and select “Set a username for your pages”.

Follow the steps to secure the username you want for your page.

Now the address to your fan page reads

Clever, right?

Let your customers tell you what they want

Build a relationship with your customers. You’ll find they’ll tell you exactly what they want from your company.

Improve your product/services or teach your customers how to use them. Solve their problems and they’ll thank you.

Informal & Instant

Anything you publish on your fan page will be published in the “news feed” of your fans. So you’re no longer filling up their inbox and they don’t have to open a message to see what you have to say.

Including links, allows them to instantly click through to a new blog post or any other content that you want them to see.

What’s more is that your customers can leave comments to let you know what they think about what you’re posting. That way you know what they like and what they don’t!

You can even link your fan page to your twitter account, letting you update one source and having your message appear simultaneously on twitter and facebook!

If I missed something out, or if you want to know more, just leave a comment below.

Have fun with your new facebook page!

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