“I would like to express my thanks for the superb work that you have undertaken on my website. Until your company took over the design and management of the site I was unaware of how to enhance my business and further its status on the Internet, to be honest, it was a mystery to me and previous designers were a disappointment.
However, with you onboard I am happy to say that the design was constructed within the promised schedule, with the minimum of fuss and at an acceptable cost. But the most outstanding point to me is the continued advice and assistance that is freely given whenever I should contact you, which is pretty often.
Your ideas are always fresh and innovative and your customer aftercare is second to none, I feel that you are not only my web designer but an interested partner in the business. As you know I have already recommended you to others, which will continue and I am sure our business relationship shall flourish well into the future.”
Many thanks

Fred Kauter
The Bodyshop
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