Property Management Software: New Site Launched

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 03.08.33 Property Management is a far cry from web hosting, but that’s what we’ve been working on lately. For the past four months we’ve worked tirelessly with experts in the Property Management space in order to create a software for Lettings and Property Management companies.

Why did we decide to do this? One of our clients approached us and asked if we could help them pick a property management software package. And so, the journey began. We set about looking at existing products on the market and evaluating them. At the end of this journey we decided that the existing products were either, too cumbersome, too hard to use, too expensive or both. Our client asked if we could help solve their pain. We agreed, and the rest is history.

We’re aiming to launch our new property management software before the end of 2013 and are currently accepting users for beta testing. If you’d like to get involved please let us know!

What work have we done?

The project consists of two web properties. Firstly, the marketing site that details the features and pricing of the property management software. Secondly, the application itself, built completely in house using Ruby on Rails. Both sites are up, yet both are very much works in progress and changing constantly. Stay tuned for posts on our blog and the Property Management Blog about what the software will do and how it will work. We’ll also be doing a series showcasing the technology behind the whole endeavour.

Sites Mentioned

Property Management Software HQ – Marketing Site

Property Management Box – The web application

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