Transfer WordPress in 10 Easy Steps

This guide is a step by step to moving your WordPress powered blog or website.

These instructions should help you if you’re trying to:

– Transfer to a different directory on the same web host

– Transfer from to (self hosted with a web hosting company)

– Transfer from WordPress from one host to another host.

There are a few different ways you can move WordPress, this is the simplest we’ve found.

The step by step guide to transferring WordPress

1. Log in to your existing WordPress dashboard.

2. Select Tools > Export, follow the steps shown on the screen. Save the download file somewhere you’ll be able to find it later.

3. Select Plugins and make a note of the plugins you have installed.

4. Select Appearance and make a note of the theme you are currently using.

4b. If you’re moving from one host to another or a different directory on the same host make sure you use File Manager on cPanel or FTP to download your theme folder from /wp-content/themes.

5. On your new host (or in the new directory on the same host) install WordPress – we recommend using Fantastico, Softaculous or Installatron to do this, if you host offers either of them.

6. Log in to your new WordPress’ dashboard. (usually if you installed in the root directory)

7. Select Tools > Import – WordPress will ask you to install the WordPress importer – install it and activate it. You may then upload the file you downloaded earlier from Step 2. You need to follow the steps in the wizard, assign your posts to users. Make sure you check the box to download images and attachments.

8. Use FTP or cPanel’s File manager to upload your theme folder to wp-content/themes/ for your new WordPress install.

9. In your new WordPress dashboard select Appearance and activate the theme you uploaded in the previous step.

You’ll need to install your plugins and configure them again – hopefully your wrote them down in Step 3.

10. Take a look at your WordPress site and make sure you’re happy that everything has transferred over properly. Oh, and don’t forget to compare your settings from one WordPress install to another to make sure you configure everything the same, especially those pesky permalinks (Settings > Permalinks)

That’s it! Everything should be transferred and working.

Need some help with your WordPress move?

There are some scenarios where the above instructions would need some tweaking, for example if you are moving from one host to another and want to use the same domain name. If that’s your situation or you get stuck at any point please leave us a comment below and we’ll do our best to help.

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